Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Photo Hunt

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today, the sun is shining and a gentile breeze rustles the crispy oak leaves that cling to the branches. It got warm enough to smell the evergreens as we walked through. Mmm, one of my favorite smells. The late day sun is golden on the snow while the shadows show blue. I love snow paintings!

We sloshed along down the trail and stumbled upon an automobile graveyard! Hooray! At first i thought there were only 3 then a Jeep peered at me through a tangle of branches, the headlights glinting in the sunshine.

There were such beautiful colors and textures; rust, moss, dripping water, cracked glass, paint, and FUR!? Yes, fur. As I walked away from the International I noticed a ball of fur resting on the seat. My heart jumped...instantly I imagined the raccoon tearing out of the window, lunging at my face, screeching and clawing. Curiosity my second instinct won...I inched closer trying not to make noise, though I had been bravely taking pictures before not paying attention to the amount of noise I was producing.

No I didn't poke it with a stick to see if it was alive...just snapped a picture and scuttled away. Come to think of it I do recall screaming for the dog while next to the truck... we will have to go back and check, maybe with a long stick...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have a small fascination with signs. Especially if they have weathered a span of time. Antiquated you could say, and this one I find comical, missing letters are entertaining! I admit, I am easily amused!

Sit, Stay. Good Boy

This is as cute as it gets! There will most likely be an over abundance of Jack pictures. Living out here with not much around he is my only willing (for the most part) subject. This should be in one of those Schnauzer calendars!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Snow is fun!

JACK, the abominable pupcicle! He never fails to put a smile on this face :)

Five cosy fingers...

Mittens keep your hands warm. Emphasis on the plural. Meet my one mitten, who can't wait to have a twin! This was the product of my Sunday, along with trying out some cross country skiing! The skiing however ended up in a few spills and awkwardness, and there wasn't a whole lot of 'gliding' going on either...I was wondering why people did it when it seemed as if I was merely walking with skis attached to my feet. But today it became clear, with a bend in my knee and a push I was gliding! My left hand was very thankful that I have an alternate pair of mittens!