Tuesday, March 16, 2010

just a little somthing

I have this AMAZING friend who is so gracious to me. She's even offered me part of her tiny apartment which is literally the size of a postage stamp (two people living in a postage stamp oh yes)! She's a life saver! Earlier this summer I was helping her out with her business: Kashaya's Brick Oven Pizza where I became an Extreme Pizza Maker! I with my infinite crafty skills decided she needed an original Wild Cucumber creation! Who else but a fully tattooed pizza chef would love a My Little Pony apron!! Well it's not totally sugar and spice check out the pony's brand, a sun and cross bones! The best part is everything but the blue ric-rac was reused material they used to be sheets!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I have been looking for jobs out here in the great state of California (which I am totally in love with, just look at the smile on my face!). I'm not even sure where to begin... what a frustrating task, finding the jobs isn't so stressful it's the waiting....and waiting......and waiting.... to see if anyone responds. Reminds me of something else I know...fishing! Job hunting is a lot like fishing. You can see all of the little fishy jobs out there, and you dangle down your resume lure hoping one will latch on! I've had a few nibbles and hopefully my smile will read well across the phone on monday!

I have had people ask me what kind of job I want, the list then spews out of my mouth. Well, I say, I love being outside, and have recently taken to the idea of landscape design, my love of the outdoors and background in art make that a perfect fit. But I could also see myself doing countless other things like sewing, making art, working on another farm, working at a nursery, retail if I must, or even being a sign shaker! My many options are like winning the lottery, great until you realize the how much gets taken away in taxes, but yet still a good thing! It's a good thing to have options but a difficult task to make a decision!

Well, I'm just going to make adjustments, and cast my line back in with my brand new shiny resume lure (thanks Sarah!!) and see who's hungry!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Redwoods

The Redwoods are so calm, as soon as you enter their world a hush settles around you. Their enormity quiets all the white noise we are used to, even the nearby bloated rushing creek is swallowed in. They seem to slow time, your footsteps are muffled by the duff of needles they leave on the ground. Even if you shout it seems to meander upward then get entwined in the branches. Everything suspended in the damp breath of the forest.

I want so badly to take a photo that truly depicts the forest, but I have realized it isn't possible. Even with the idea that I can do anything I set my mind to and my stubbornness to do so has given in. It just cant compare with actually being there. I love thinking about what the trees may have been thinking about...after all they have been there for longer than I can comprehend. It would be fun to ask them questions!

I have met the Redwoods a few times after being out here for nearly a year now, I've been down the Avenue of the Giants twice, the the Drive Thru Tree twice, and up to Humbolt Redwoods State Park and down to Muir Woods. I really can't get enough! I think my best friend Nicole may understand why now too! Can you see her in the top photo??

Every time I see them my heart swells, my chest feels full and happy, and a giant smile grows across my face. While in Muir woods we were on an Owl walk where we were allowed in the park after closing to see if we could spot and hear owls. In fact we did hear some Barred Owls and a Saw Whet Owl, then on the way down the mountain out of the park, the nearly full moon was glowing through the fog in the redwoods. It was beautiful, being able to be in the park so late and watching the moon beams through the trees...sigh...I think I'm in love...or I at least have an idea for my next tattoo! sorry mom! :)

...annnd we're back!

Hey hey all! Ready to give you another dose. Since I last wrote I have been up to much mayhem, madness and a ridiculous amount of painting! I moved into a different house on the great Emandal Farm called the Vineyard house. which I was in charge of painting, not the exterior however, I really don't think it would have had a chance to dry anyway. It's been raining quite a lot...with some beautiful sunshine in between. Here are some photos of the changes! Oh and that is our lovely ancient cat Lady Scruffington (5th picture down she's black and white), or as we call her "Scruffles" she is approximately a million years old and has a gimpy leg, so we love her and feed her treats. In turn she yowls, attacks our doormat and makes us laugh. Us being me and my awesome roommate Karin!!
The after shots are the red and gold living room, the green and cream bathroom and the green cream and red porch, the hallway is gold now too! Hopefully they are an improvement!

The brown cow belongs to a friend of the farm, she and her friends followed me home one day thought I made it clear I had no food for them. Then they proceeded to drop land mines all around our cars... turds! (literally)