Monday, December 26, 2011

Transitions and Adjustments

I've always been able to see that life is a series of adjustments to achieve a certain balance. Major, minor and all those in between. Teetering and tottering. I'm coming to learn I am a relatively slow adjuster. I like to take my time. I don't like to be in a hurry. Though my mind has tendencies toward that. Racing thoughts of nearly anything related or not to what's happening in the moment. Distracting from what's actually happening. Feeling oblivious the the recent goings on.

Good. I learned. Slow down. Feel the moment. Breathe. Observe the sensations. Things are not "supposed to be" they are as they are.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

an old poem

I wrote this little treasure around the time I left for California a few years ago and stumbled upon it tonight. I can't say that I have perfect Iambic Pentameter but the feeling is there :)

The hue on my back does not match the rest. 
My wings are cramped,
 grown too large for this nest.
Something's calling me 
among all the noise.
I must follow it now
and find my own voice.

I must use the word "no"
seek balance, and peace
or my very own garden 
 may never grow.

My voice is muddled among all the noise, 
my message was lost
along with my poise.

Goodbyes are sad but full of potential.
I enjoy everyone as I leave for my flight, 
 to answer my call in a new hedgerow.

My colors are changing, 
growing and morphing.
my surroundings are no longer suiting.

Learning and growing,
Planting and sewing.
I plan to be with 
our Mother Nature.

With a wind thru the trees 
and a smile on my face,
I head off on this adventure
to find my own place.

Love and Peace

xoxo L

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Most of you might not know this but I am an Elf. This year I got hired to help make children smile and capture that memory on film! Of course Santa is there too! I would say I am well suited to this job, I am filled with natural cheer and smiling is my FAVORITE! I do it all the time, when I'm happy, to strangers on the street, even when I get hurt I'm usually doing the laughing/smiling rolling on the floor bleeding from the leg bit. It's certainly one of my gifts, and I am glad to bestow it upon the little ones. I love Santa too, he is wonderful with the children and reminds them that Christmas isn't all about the gifts, that he wants them to spread the Christmas Spirit through their smiles and joy!

Elfing has kept me busy in my Wild Cucumber Designs workshop too! Stockings are jingling right off the shelves (or thumbtacks to be exact), and special hammock requests are stuffing my mailbox. Not to mention graphic design work and screen print designs for my favorite local gym FitElite. Phwew I asked for some stimulation and motivation and I got it!

Elfing out in public has definitely been a good thing. Sometimes my natural cheer reserves run a little low when I stay alone too long in the Wild Cucumber Designs workshop. Being around other Elves definitely brightens my spirits! Even the fancy mall where the memory making workshop is located I find very interesting and entertaining. So many people moving about and all the different stores like one giant organism functioning strangely with fluorescent light, music and delicious pretzel smells.  Makes me giggle just thinking about it, working there makes me feel like I have a back stage pass!

Heres to the universe and its gifts! No matter how they come or in what packages!

With a Huge SMILE and a joyous heart! Much love!

xoxo L (also known as B (for Butterfly))