Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Painting!

(read the following post with a slow Texas drawl) Hey hey I did an art project!! Ok one of many but I'm real proud of this one! This is the epitome of farm life, a barn, a tractor, a farmer and a red plaid shirt. Yup! When I saw Casey driving that tractor I knew I had to paint it. And this is what it ended up being. Strangely enough I think its the first time I have painted a face and I LOVE IT! Casey and his gal Diane loved it too, Casey said, "It'll do my mom's heart good to hear about this" in his little slighly texas drawl. Yep Casey is a mixture of willy nelson and santa clause...haha and he's full of one liners! Diane thought it be best to be named "Grump of the Farm" Here' to Casey, aka Mr. Fixit!

Animal Activities

So During Environmental Education at Emandal (ahah alliteration!) from April to June I was the animal chore master! Yes thats right I was in charge of 120 or so chickens, 2 pigs, 2 ostriches, 6 goats, and the cows well they kind of took care of themselves. We have new additons however, like a set of 4 cute little kittens that were invited into our house and eventually peed on my roommates' bed! Then there is the goats you see. That big one in the middle is the only female of the crew, and she has a nice little goatee! haha And she also has the best bleat ever MMMAAAHHH!
You may be wondering about the cat. Meet Dumpster Kitty. She was found in a dumpster and given to Tam the keeper of the farm. Dumpster Kitty recieved several different names during the Environmental Ed season. Such as Shenanigans, because she was always up to somthing usually consisting of running through a circle of children and completely distracting them from the lesson. Letter B, this was a trifecta name. We wanted the children to LET HER BE, it sound like the song by the Beatles called Let It Be and also the letter B. Lucy was another one, short for lucifer. And to this day I still refer to her as Turkey Head. She got this name because Monica the Gardener was working outside the hoop house on day and D.K. (dumpster kitty) jumped up on the table and into a bunch of potted plants, and to this Monica replied, "aw you Turkey Head!"

Well we have a resident mouse at the Bunkhouse (although our house is currently called the Funkhouse because we like to get down!) whom we don't really want to catch in a trap, so I decided that we could use some natural mouse eradication techniques, so Dumpster Kitty came to the rescue, or so I thought. Ok this kitty is really hilarious when its isn't E.E. season. She's simply just nuts. So when it came time for be she was wandering about on my bed and attacking my feet when they wiggled under the covers. I was petting her for a bit and she got all frisky and was biting (yes Jolene and Kelly pretty much all cats bite me...true). So then I began to do something else and she ran straight up to me latched onto my arm chomped it and ran away. (HILARIOUS RIGHT!?) Then at approximately 5:18 am she was screwing around with my shoes and attacking my feet.. and she had no mousey little snack either... little bugger. But at least she was cute and entertaining. The picture details her mischeviousness. She is inside a drawer at our house hanging out with the cereal. Gotta love her.