Friday, May 28, 2010

a small photographic infatuation

I happen to have a small infatuation with photographing old and dilapidated vehicles. Maybe one of these days I can work out one of these photos and actually have it printed. I'm starting to believe my creative hobbies should become creative jobbies?! But really how many times have I had that thought... Maybe not jobbies but just the fact that I need to do them more, because they are in fact so enjoyable. I have been at a few thrift stores lately and I have found myself holding a developing tank and just the other day there was an enlarger. Something may be speaking to me. Stay tuned and see what develops!
I have been aware of some serious feelings of creativity lately, I keep seeing beautiful charcoal drawings and paintings in my fanciful little head. Here's a little photo of a sketch for a self portrait painting as well. (there is paint on it too now!) So to take heed to those feelings I took a little trip to some art supply stores I ended up with the old giant pad of drawing paper and gigantic clip-board some charcoal sticks and a kneaded eraser. Sounds like my first drawing class at good ole' Stout. I still remember my first drawing class met at 8 am and we would literally sit for 3 hours and draw. There was always someone in class doing head bobs! Myself included, that's what you get for having a drawing class at 8am in a dimly lit studio! I am excited to go home and look at some of my old work! YAY FOR ART!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The bike commuter BUZZ!

I think I just got my dream job! And I didn't even know it was looking for me! I am a VERY PROUD and EXCITED new employee of REI Santa Rosa! I don't think it ever crossed my mind that I would be so happy working retail!!? Its only been about 3 days of training and I am in amazement of the company as a whole and the people I get to work with! Crazy huh?

Well now that I got that out of my system, I was informed that May is bike to work month and specifically May 13 is bike to work day!! So naturally I piped up and exclaimed that I wanted to be on a team at work!! One of my admins then got very excited, but I had to burst her bubble with the fact that I didn't have a bike! whoops! Talk about thinking before speaking.... She tried her best but her extra bike wasn't ready to ride. So downstairs on the sales floor at REI I found my new love, the Novara Buzz V we pulled it off the rack and no adjustments were needed, it fit like Cinderella's glass slipper! And did I mention it was a steal! My crew outfit me with a light, helmet, lock, and pump kit to make sure I wouldn't run into any situations on my new commute!! Heck I even rode to the grocery store yesterday! And the clerk at Trader Joe's didn't think I could fit all my merch into my back pack! He wasn't aware of my super talent of volume estimation and my skills in packing!

If you can people get on your bikes and ride!! I think I need a little bell, a mirror and an under seat pouch for my tire patch kit/tire levers/multi tool. And a sweet commuter backpack! This job is just too fun!