Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a super quick update before the unofficial FARMERS MARKET!!

 Our little toddler transplants are going to market today! I hope people like broccoli and cauliflower around here....and the weather will stay cool enough.......
Chamomile! Such a wonderful tea/medicinal herb! You are coming to market too!
BASIL!!! Has to be one of the most beloved herbs! Though you are not quite ready for need to get used to the outdoors first.

And one of the blueberry bushes has flowers already!!

Oh and I found out today that I'm IN for the farmers market...the official one. Yay, thanks to my wonderful brother and his lovely wife for the donation!! It got me in!! The official farmers market hasn't started here in Fayetteville yet but there's an unofficial one happening currently that I'm about to join in an hour and a half! So exciting! 

Keep on se(o)wing the love!!


Friday, March 4, 2011

A Garden Day

Good girl Bella, stay on the paths!
We got some Sweet Mint plants the other day and stuck them into the corners of our herb bed, I also seeded some Broad Leaf Sage around the Mint. I LOVE the smell of fresh mint. It reminds me of summertime, and Emandal, they had a huge mound of mint that you could smell as you walked past the last cattle guard to the farmhouse....mmmm. So soothing and such sweet memories, of a most wonderful place! Dorian caught me yesterday bent over with my face in the mint wagging my head back and forth, sniffing deeply, such a happy aroma.

Greenhouse space is getting tight! We had to go get some wood to add shelves, and we were requested to add another long bed to the garden! We potted up lots of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and a mix of lettuces. As well as today I did a bit of cilantro, and about 12 jalapeno peppers mmm, I'm so excited for salsa!! I planted some more strawberries today and some gladiolus! I think Dorian indulged me a bit at the seed store the other day :) He knows how much I love flowers and that it seems we may run out of garden space so I have to keep my flowery aspirations under wraps so we can have enough room for all our yummy veggies and fruits!
Speaking of fruits I almost forgot! We planted 4 blueberry trees! They are huge! Especially compared to the first little blueberry plants we got that were about a foot tall, these are almost 4 feet tall!
Our backyard is going to be DELICIOUS!