Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning Happens..... Always

I am learning so much about how I want my Etsy work to flow and what are the best ways to manage it. I tend to cling to certain methods in my head about how I should do something. An example: I think that I need to make a bunch of stuff, then photograph it and list it all in globular chunks. I realized today that my photo patience can be low sometimes and that I may benefit from shorter photo sessions. I also noticed it took me nearly four hours to edit photos for 4 items and list them. wow! I have also noticed my body responds better to being able to change positions frequently.  I just wanted to share with you much was learned today with trials and errors and edits and re-dos! They are the best! 

Check out some peeks of the goods and my ETSY Page!

A little bird has flown into my life to teach as well. I have had 3 visits from a lovely little Goldfinch. She brings exciting news of Awakening to Nature Spirits, which seems rather timely since I will be attending the Midwest Shamanic Gathering this weekend! 

The first sighting was after I was singing in the shower I stepped out of my bathroom still singing and she was perched on the edge of my bedroom window, I kept singing and stepped closer and she opened her mouth in song as well. I sat on the bed and watched her for a moment then she flew off. I then realized the night before I had found a Turkey feather which was a bit crunched up and laid it on the window sill that she sat upon. 

Number two: This morning I managed to prop myself up early for my morning meditation and the hour was well underway when I heard a noise I immediately knew was tiny talons grasping onto the window frame. I cracked my eyes and spied her again! She sang to me this time and stayed for a few moments as I attempted to capture her on my camera she flew off the exact moment I went to press the button. 

The Third: I was being distracted by the television when I saw a fluttering up high in the living room window. Again I knew it was her! I slunk out the noisy screen door and leaned over to spy her clutched to the window frame, she spotted me quickly and sailed off with her up and down flight pattern. 

Her very first visit inspired a painting, now for the doing! I have two other paintings in progress and other sewing projects. You can believe I haven't been sitting idly by ;) but there is a lot of behind the scenes work I hope to share with you soon!

Much love and light, and Learning!!
The Queen has a red dot! 

and Bee Happy!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I feel I have always had what I call a soft spot for animals whether they are two, four, six or even eight or million legged. They capture my attention and fascinate me....beautiful beings. I have started to learn they are bearers of messages. Reminders for us to be aware. Reminders and guides. Their intelligence is not one from books it's inherent, intuitive and wise. I don't feel yet I can share with you their magic maybe soon. For now I will share my encounters.


I met this beautiful Monarch at a butterfly house at Beaver Creek Reserve. It wasn't the best day for butterflies I was told. Of course I decided to venture out anyway. I locked right onto this one struggling on a plastic sign cover. I stretched my hand out and it crawled right on. We spent quite some time together before it decided to fly over to a nearby milkweed plant. I remember the great sense of power I felt as it crawled on my hand. For such a weightless creature it had an incredible grasp!

Red Spotted Purple
This is another friend from the butterfly house. I collected another of its kind in my garage. My mom had pulled out her car to give it a scrub, and in its place were two treasures. One perfect little Pink Edged Sulfur and a Red Spotted Purple, who was a little worse for the wear. They unfortunately had met their end, though I touched the Purple and it began to flap its wing, slowly open and closed. I stayed and watched quietly as my parents shuffled about, my dad peering over obviously wondering what I was doing. I showed him the flapping butterfly. He commented something about a butterfly healer haha. I would be so honored! After I was sure the Purple had passed I picked them up and inspected. I couldn't believe the Purple had been able to flap...only had one good pair of wings on one side the other side was crumpled as well as I believe it was missing many organs....a special moment.

Aphrodite Fritillary
 I was out for a bike ride with my Auntie the other day, and of course as always had my animal spotting eyes on. After about 10 miles I hadn't noticed much. Then on my way down the hill I saw what I thought may be a Swallowtail traipsing in its bouncing flight pattern across the road. I sailed closer just to  have a friendly collision on my shirt. It really didn't seem to noticed and continued on his way. We should all be so calm and accepting of surprise situations!

Cope's Gray Treefrog
This little friend my mom found hanging out on our house. Just a little bigger than a quarter.

This is my parents resident Gray Fox. It lives in the back yard, we've seen it often leaving the den and returning about two hours later near dusk sometimes with prey. So beautiful. My dad also had a Fox and pups living under a shed at his auto shop! Maybe he has a fox totem animal? They sure seem to like him. I let my dog Jack outside one morning about 4:30 am and heard the strangest "Arf" noise...it was the fox with its territorial call!

Jack also woke me up early to see the mist burning off the lake. He's a great friend :)

Have you experienced any animal magic lately or do you have a totem animal? I would love to hear about it!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Tennessee, a small glimpse in pictures

It was a lovely spot, lush with growth and life. 

I was so excited to see this little treasure! Its a Luna Moth! I have seen two this year, the other one was at Wood's Hole Hostel.  It gave me some inspiration to paint again. I've encountered lots of animal visitors lately. I got a book that helps me understand the messages and magic they bring. 

much love

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Cascades: Virginia. Trip two.

Still just as beautiful as the first time. This time I had my big camera...

The butterfly is taking flight!

Justine was excellent at finding caterpillars and taming butterflies!

 The Rhododendrons had such beautiful light falling on them.

When I got to look back on these photos I felt such a sense of calm. The Cascades is such a serene place, happy soothing vibes. 

Bidding you some happy soothing peaceful vibes 
xoxo much love :)