Saturday, May 28, 2011

the buzzing of bees and flowering of consciousness

As I sit here I have the images of our garden flowers etched in my mind. Something about those cute Chamomile flowers reflects this bounding happiness within me. Flowers are somehow very connected to me........ perhaps we vibrate at similar frequencies (if you read this last line about frequencies and are perplexed, think of it this way, all matter is made of atoms right? and those little atoms have electrons zipping around outside of them (yes) so isn't all matter essentially moving or vibrating!?....i know right!?). Like feeling the buzz of bees right down in your heart. I can feel this buzzing sensation easily in my hands, try this: close your eyes, and see if you can feel your hands....not picture or imagine but actually FEEL them ....can you feel it, the aliveness and vibrations?

There is usually a flurry of winged creatures busily dancing about the blooms. Maybe I was a bee in a past life? It could explain my attraction to bright colors and flowers! ha Well I took a few pictures maybe you too can get a sense for my flower love :)

If you haven't you should click on the picture to enlarge them and see more detail.

 The Borage flower is beloved by bees, but check out that iridescent green guy..or gal!

German Chamomile
Candy Stripe Cosmos
Backside of the most beautiful purple Gladiolus!
Here's her face! Ms. Gladiolus! You may
recognize her from my tattoo!
Nodding Borage buds. Just waiting
to flash their blue petals.
Pink Zinnias! I love those
raggedy ones!
White Polar Bear Zinnia
Our Sugar Snap spoils! yum!
Baby Red Bell pepper
Bell Pepper flower, so beautiful!
How many cayenne's do you see?
The Tomato forest :)
Clouds have been very grounding for me....maybe the opposite of grounding. I'm not sure, but they remind me of the expanse of the universe and that I needn't get caught up in trivial matters....we (humans) are so tiny, yet can cause much change.... 

I look at them in awe and then become still, my mind empties.
I can feel the expanse of the sky.
My mind is rendered void and spacious.
Flowing with the currents of the universe.


  1. I like that very much indeed. I will hold that with me throughout my day, I am glad I looked on here this morning!
    Much love.