Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm not so good with, times, dates, and numbers in general. And apparently comma usage.

It has been a spell, but give me a break! None of my recent days off have been spent on the farm. I've been making trips to Santa Rosa to help a friend with her nomadic pizza oven where just last night I had to be the front person dealing with money AND people. I know giving change should be a simple task but never ask an art student to do it! There were several blank stares given to customers especially when they give you a 100 dollar bill for one slice of pizza! (I went into art to avoid math...) There were many hysterical things that took place starting off with the owner of the farm giving me a cooler with money in it and a scale and telling me a toothless woman has something for me to weigh. Blackberries, wild frozen blackberries it seemed sketchy though right? (she was in fact toothless as well) I've also been hanging out on the coast, just something about the ocean ...And who uses computers anymore anyway, right!? You can ask my parents how much I've used the phone lately too... I love living in my little farm bubble!

(meet Delilah and her crazy eyes...and her back licking habits, she really does lick her own back)


  1. Delilah is beautiful. Just don't make her your main meal. When are you coming back? I know you love it there and there is a lot to do and you love the animals and such. I like your updates on here. They are funny. Stay away from the ostrich. Damn thing looks like it has bad eyes. Tell it next time it does that it will be served up on the next pizza. LOL Have fun Lindsey it looks like you are enjoying yourself. Miss you

  2. Lindsay,

    Its Heidi Planert, I have a blog also, good way to keep in contact...I didnt know you were in CA. i bet you love it there. what made you move there?? beautiful vacatoin with Nicole...take care and keep in touch