Friday, April 24, 2009

California =

I have trouble trying to find the words to describe my trip and experiences thus far in California. Maybe love, because love is something that is difficult to define but still universal. I love it here, I love what I am doing and I love the people I work with! I couldn't be happier! Amazing happens to be a work we have begun to overuse along with: unbelievable, beautiful, crazy, oh my god, and blank stares and deep soaking inhales while making a mmmm noise while exhaling. I am so blessed, lucky and appreciative. Nothing but big smiles and laughter from California!! (and some guitar playing too!!)

The photos are not in any order, but the first is the naturalist doing "quick act like a tree". Some cranes from Nebraska. My friend Hiro in Colorado, some trees in Utah. The skyline in Utah or maybe Nevada. The tall tall trees of California, the plum blossoms of Emandal Farm. A rescued Brewers blackbird. And a shot of the farm from Inspiration Point.