Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hey I made some art! Now it's time for show and tell!! or at least show! BOOM! There it is self portraits yep... all you need is a mirror! Oh yes even though I look perhaps near petrification in my charcoal drawing and that the length of my face is nearer a horse than a human I consider it a success!! I LOVED drawing the face, nose and mouth it's the spaces in between I have to work on.... there isn't much detail for me to work with so they are largely blank. I look rather disgusted in the charcoal form hah! Either way I am proud of myself, especially having had a chance to look back at my drawings from good 'ole Stout, I feel I have made improvements.

Now zee painting! I didn't feel I liked this one completely. There are definitely parts I enjoy like the lips and fingers. Uh, very yummy and full of color (which really is the only way to be!). So after some looking and squinting and turning and looking and walking away and staring and looking again I got it. I really liked the paintings more as separate paintings. Though they match up together my favorite is the bottom one. But both paintings obviously talk with each other but it is in the way it's displayed. The art is currently in my room in a suspended tetris formation where the top portion of the painting is in suspension above and to the left of its counterpart. So now you use your hand and cover the top half of the painting... What do you think??

ps. two consecutive month postings!? yeah that's right!