Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What do you think?

Welcome to my brain! You are about to take a trip through an artists creative process and endless stream of questioning, Buckle up!

I have had some new ideas for something about the word product just seems so manufactured and cold... anyway, lets call it new art. Yes, I have had some ideas for new purchasable art. I wanted to run them by you and see what you thought, sometimes I like making things because I like how they work, which is great because then others might have the same feelings, but I would love to know what you think of these?

I feel myself leaning more toward love and life, and less wallet and money...? Does that make sense? What I mean is I want to move toward more soulful items, or things that you see that make you smile and remind you of what life is really about, the present moment, love, compassion and happiness. Though I do really appreciate the handiness of the wallets and have no fear wallet lovers they won't disappear!

Lets just get to it, I made a few little things and would love some feedback!

First is this which I love! Inspirational words/sayings inspired by my Vipassana adventures, as well as Eckhart Tolle and his brilliant books. This one is a reminder to observe. Observe nature, life, and especially your mind and its processes. I think the cuffs are fun and I have totally fallen in love with embroidery thanks to Natalie's birthday bag! I was also thinking maybe a fabric necklace? Bookmarks? or little flags kind of like prayer flags? Any critique is welcome! I think I need to make the word a bit smaller so one can read it on the top of the wrist (tho I have rather small wrists).

 Welcome little Mini Wallet version Denna! You may have noticed in this post (the tiny pink thing in the top photo) a little mini wallet which was the Stacey version! Dorian's mom noticed that one and thought she might like one for an upcoming trip. Of course being an artist I have a compulsion to always make improvements. So the first one is the one showing the velcro right on the credit card part, I didn't like how it closed and the quilting/batting didn't feel as strong as I wanted it to.  I made another one with a tab closure that I liked much better and interfaced the lining and exterior. I liked it better because it felt a little stronger and the tab made it feel more secure.
 It can fit a ton of cards and you can even stick some folded cash behind the card pockets! I really like this come the critiques....

One awesome thing about this is I have a stash of fabric cut to the width of the big wallets I make, and I am able to use those pieces to make these little guys which = less wasted fabric! (wasted fabric makes me cringe!) The drawback is I really want to topstitch around the outside edge like I do with the big wallets, I think it would give it such a nice finishing touch and that little bit of strength I think it still needs,  but then I wouldn't be able to use my pre-cut fabrics (sad face!) well I could but there would be a lot of waste...which i could develop into something new...!

Help!? haha

Oh, and Denna if you are reading you like that blue? Do you need more blue?? Don't be shy now! Do you want something brighter!!? I want you to love your new wallet (I am not offended in the least if you hate this color hah! so please let me know!)

What do you think? I need some direction on my ship floating thru the sea of ideas! And I think I just wanted to talk to you all!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

Lots of love!!



  1. I love the style of the small wallets just as much as the large ones, but I love my large one best for me... The cuffs are awesome... keep making those! I love the colors and word choice and embroidery... Beautiful... always...

  2. I love the colors; they are just my style! It's like you read my mind. I think that looks just like what I need for the trip. Thank you so much! :)

    Plus, I like the idea of bookmarks--maybe with something embroidered on them, too.

  3. Hey Lindsey, whatchya up to creative lady? I was just thinking about you, and thought I'd say hi, I let you know that Mairin is having a GiveAway on my blog, so come check it out! Sending you much love...