Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catch up.

It's been a while, yes? Recently I've felt the preciousness of time. I've acquired a full time temporary job building super computers. (Not quite up my ally, huh? Rest assured I've been entertaining myself with the idea that I'm a robot. Along with occasional spontaneous dance...and a bit of sassy attitude) Well it's kind of neat. The people I work with are great though the amount of time it requires leaves me with a bit of exasperation. I just get fewer of my own tasks done.
I am excited that it is teaching me how to be productive. Productivity and motivation can be challenges for me. The scheduling of breaks I took particular note in. I tend to be a "lets finish this project" kind of person. I am learning the importance of and using time management and how to organize my time. (for Lord's sake,  it's taken me 26 years to start to understand this concept!)

I have also recently learned so much about the human body and is healing systems. And also embarked on a diet. Not to loose weight but maybe to challenge myself and to see how my body reacts. It's called the Paleo Diet. It's quite simple. Eat natural, unprocessed foods. No dairy, no grains, no sugar. Basically lean meat, fruits, veggies and nuts. This particular diet is synonymous with CrossFit. It began on Jan 9. I also was ill with a cold during the first two weeks of it. It was interesting learning about my body and what it needs, balancing sleep and exercise. I have finally committed to competing in a CrossFit competition. I have yet to sign up (its on the agenda for tomorrow) The trainers at the gym have been at me for some time. I feel afraid to do it, which is why I want to do it. I haven't challenged myself lately to do something outside my comfort zone. It give me butterflies just thinking about it, and butterflies are sweet!

 I have also just begun to receive Chiropractic/Welleness treatment. I have become very fascinated by the importance of the spine in regards to how our bodies heal themselves. And have been thoroughly inspired by Aaron. He is an extremely hard working person and it inspires me to see someone who cares and contributes to society as much as he does. It inspires me to manifest positive change in the world.
And my spine you ask? Jacked! Of course. I tried to convince Aaron that my 26 years of no chiropractic care would still not prevent my spine from looking perfect. Though from the shoulders down it looks pretty spiffy. Shoulders up = mess. The tippy top of my spine is actually pointing in the wrong direction, pinching off the nerves that control my immune system. (no wonder why I have contracted so many colds this winter! and had them for a long time!) So many wonderful things were revealed to me through my time spent at Apex Chiropractic. I would encourage all of you to look up your nearest Maximized Living health center. I was amazed at their approach to health!

Massage school has also been on my mind. I feel an intuitive draw to it. I enjoy touch and the healing power of it. I have always had a deep need to help, in the many different dialects of help. Help someone with a task, or to help someone heal. My heart feels strong and beats loudly, and I feel really centered and focused when I give massages. I like how that feels, it feels like love flowing through me and good vibes. I am completely fascinated with anatomy as well, so it looks like a win win!

with love


(the photos were taken on Christmas Eve of a local lights display. I love the glow of light off the snow, it's warm and inspiring)