Friday, May 28, 2010

a small photographic infatuation

I happen to have a small infatuation with photographing old and dilapidated vehicles. Maybe one of these days I can work out one of these photos and actually have it printed. I'm starting to believe my creative hobbies should become creative jobbies?! But really how many times have I had that thought... Maybe not jobbies but just the fact that I need to do them more, because they are in fact so enjoyable. I have been at a few thrift stores lately and I have found myself holding a developing tank and just the other day there was an enlarger. Something may be speaking to me. Stay tuned and see what develops!
I have been aware of some serious feelings of creativity lately, I keep seeing beautiful charcoal drawings and paintings in my fanciful little head. Here's a little photo of a sketch for a self portrait painting as well. (there is paint on it too now!) So to take heed to those feelings I took a little trip to some art supply stores I ended up with the old giant pad of drawing paper and gigantic clip-board some charcoal sticks and a kneaded eraser. Sounds like my first drawing class at good ole' Stout. I still remember my first drawing class met at 8 am and we would literally sit for 3 hours and draw. There was always someone in class doing head bobs! Myself included, that's what you get for having a drawing class at 8am in a dimly lit studio! I am excited to go home and look at some of my old work! YAY FOR ART!!!

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  1. Do it! You definitely have the talent. I would just start by selling a bit on the side. If that goes well, keep ramping it up and investing more time. Maybe it will turn into something you could make a career out of and maybe it won't. Either way I'm guessing you probably wouldn't regret giving it a shot.