Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, we have arrived in North Carolina from California. My friends at REI thought I was a bit crazy for moving here, and when we got here I completely agreed. Fayetteville is a military town, kinda dirty, full of dispair and mustangs (this has begun to become a joke, each trip out we see how many we can count, i think around 20 is the number to beat), and most certainly absolutely nothing like northern California. ...sigh..

When we finally got the courage to venture out of the house (Dorian and I are road warriors, we slept only a handful of hours on our trek and we were in no rush to get back in our cars!) we were frightened to say the least. Organic food was very hard to find while in Nor Cal you could trip and fall on organic food! All of the stores look pretty run down, and our neighborhood is a suburban labyrinth! Luckily Stacey (Dorian's brother Sean's girlfriend) has the low down and let us know that there is a grocery store resembling Publix nearby.  Harris Teeter! (really!? who came up with this name??) Who did have organic food and was a nice grocery store. (Food Lion=Scary Charlie C's even more so we hear....haven't been brave enough to enter yet...) 

The whole town seemed to be in a state of depression on first glance. So we gave it another go, we went out looking for a local seed store to check them out. We found it and the people were lovely and helpful we also ended up taking a detour through downtown proper and it was cute! We felt relief, we no longer had so much animosity for Fayetteville! Though the first week brought about many thoughts of why in the HELL did I leave CA for THIS? I knew in my heart this is what we need to do. After a few more adventures (in the next few blogs) we realized we may be able to cultivate a wonderful growing community after all, our neighbors are so close and so many!

The house we are staying in is very beautiful annnd....We have a HUGE backyard for our GARDEN and Sean and Stacey are so excited for all the fresh vegetables they are going to have!!!

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