Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It was a warm day....and there were transplants at the Seed Store....

Can you blame us? It was a gorgeous sunny day in the 70s and the seed store said they had strawberries and rosemary.... So we went and came back with not only strawberries and rosemary but a ton of romaine and a few red lettuces! So we went to town on one of our smaller beds. With a slight bit of organization, and a bit more intuition we started plopping the plants in. Dig a little hole, add a handful of composted cow poopoos and tuck em in!

We used some companion planting techniques I learned in the book, "Carrots Love Tomatoes". Essentially there are some plants that when planted together benefit each other. Like in our bed, members of the cabbage family, get along with spinach and lettuce, and benefit from onions because the onion's aroma keeps the aphids at bay. Our bed also contains a  two strawberries, who like to hang out with spinach! Diversity is the spice of life... and apparently very beneficial!

And then there is this bugger! Natalie, one our friends beautiful children brought it over to us. She said if she planted it and took a picture with it when it was big that she could get a $1000 scholarship! And she wanted to plant it in our garden! I was so excited that she thought of us when her teacher talked about the plants! Her O.S. Cross cabbage makes 30-50lb heads!!! Hopefully we can keep it alive and happy! If you can see there is a baby in the picture on the tag next to the giant head of cabbage....this thing is going to be huge if all goes well!
I asked Chris and Paige (Natalies' parents) what they were going to do with 50lbs of cabbage, we decided we would use it like an atlas stone, which might looks something like this only instead of that really heavy cement stone it would be a cabbage.... I feel a Lonnie Video coming on.....

OK gotta go out back and fashion some sweet pea trellises and chuck some poppy seeds around to see if they will come up! And check on the lettuce to see if it has been blown out of its bed yet...it was super windy yesterday! There may be some interpretive garden dancing too.

OH we watched a super 70s awesome film called The Secret Life Of Plants. If any of you have netflix, and enjoy time lapse video, Stevie Wonder, polygraphs, and science I highly recommend its an instant play! Also very interesting....it speaks about plant consciousness... c'mon it cant be any worse than the crap they show on the news.....i know you are intrigued why polygraphs are in there hehehe

Lots of love and warm weather wishes!!


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