Tuesday, June 14, 2011

VA, yup made it.

So I made it to Virginia....a week ago hehe. It is amazing. Just what I needed. As I drove up the rode turned into a tunnel of trees a welcome hug from nature. So far I have planted peppers, pulled some weeds, set tables, folded laundry, meditated, hiked 10 miles, "moved mountains" also known as doing some trailwork building stairs out of boulders, drew some signs, petted dogs, smiled and laughed a lot, and met many amazing people, and learned much everyday.

There are so many wonderful people I have met here and learned so much from each of them. And plus I get to live in a tent! Oh and I forgot to mention the amazing home cooked meals! uh well this is a short one but I figured a few people might be wondering what crack I had dissappeared into. Ill be back later hopefully with photos and more stories.

With greatfulness for the interconnectedness of life,

Much Love!!

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  1. Sounds awesome for you Lindsey. :) I'm excited for you.