Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Redwoods

The Redwoods are so calm, as soon as you enter their world a hush settles around you. Their enormity quiets all the white noise we are used to, even the nearby bloated rushing creek is swallowed in. They seem to slow time, your footsteps are muffled by the duff of needles they leave on the ground. Even if you shout it seems to meander upward then get entwined in the branches. Everything suspended in the damp breath of the forest.

I want so badly to take a photo that truly depicts the forest, but I have realized it isn't possible. Even with the idea that I can do anything I set my mind to and my stubbornness to do so has given in. It just cant compare with actually being there. I love thinking about what the trees may have been thinking about...after all they have been there for longer than I can comprehend. It would be fun to ask them questions!

I have met the Redwoods a few times after being out here for nearly a year now, I've been down the Avenue of the Giants twice, the the Drive Thru Tree twice, and up to Humbolt Redwoods State Park and down to Muir Woods. I really can't get enough! I think my best friend Nicole may understand why now too! Can you see her in the top photo??

Every time I see them my heart swells, my chest feels full and happy, and a giant smile grows across my face. While in Muir woods we were on an Owl walk where we were allowed in the park after closing to see if we could spot and hear owls. In fact we did hear some Barred Owls and a Saw Whet Owl, then on the way down the mountain out of the park, the nearly full moon was glowing through the fog in the redwoods. It was beautiful, being able to be in the park so late and watching the moon beams through the trees...sigh...I think I'm in love...or I at least have an idea for my next tattoo! sorry mom! :)

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