Friday, March 5, 2010

I have been looking for jobs out here in the great state of California (which I am totally in love with, just look at the smile on my face!). I'm not even sure where to begin... what a frustrating task, finding the jobs isn't so stressful it's the waiting....and waiting......and waiting.... to see if anyone responds. Reminds me of something else I! Job hunting is a lot like fishing. You can see all of the little fishy jobs out there, and you dangle down your resume lure hoping one will latch on! I've had a few nibbles and hopefully my smile will read well across the phone on monday!

I have had people ask me what kind of job I want, the list then spews out of my mouth. Well, I say, I love being outside, and have recently taken to the idea of landscape design, my love of the outdoors and background in art make that a perfect fit. But I could also see myself doing countless other things like sewing, making art, working on another farm, working at a nursery, retail if I must, or even being a sign shaker! My many options are like winning the lottery, great until you realize the how much gets taken away in taxes, but yet still a good thing! It's a good thing to have options but a difficult task to make a decision!

Well, I'm just going to make adjustments, and cast my line back in with my brand new shiny resume lure (thanks Sarah!!) and see who's hungry!

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