Saturday, July 17, 2010

I have an infatuation.... perhaps two.

1. Flowers. I can't stop looking at them, it really is a bit disgusting. My friends were even noticing my not so covert ogles at flowers as the strode by at the farmers market. They thought it very lude... what can I say they are amazing, beautiful and colorful.
So I did the only thing I could think of. I went down to Petaluma to the heirloom seed bank to get some Non-GMO flowers because lets face it July is a tad late to be planting delicious food plants and the garden area is currently occupied by 4 baby goats who would thoroughly enjoy a garden... for approximately 4 seconds! So Zinnias it was! (check out this AMAZING seed company Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!) And .....maybe a few other flowers...or 3 types of Zinnias: Giants of CA, Envy, and Bright Jewel Cactus Flowered. Giant Asters, some Poppies, Bachelor's Buttons, Bells of Ireland, and whatever other wonderfully colored (in my case dark purples and blues and a splash of lime green!) flowers I thought I could eek into the growing season! I then went and grabbed a bag of organic potting soil and a 7 inch deep wine box and sowed my seeds!
2. a man! He's a strapping young lad from the south! Just what every girl wants right?! A southern gentleman! Well, he is all of that and one of the most conscious and caring human beings I know. Meet Dorian! This was from a recent one night camping adventure to MacKerricher State Park! Which was terrific by the way

That's all for not but I shall be back soon with updated art and photos because I know you are like me and only really look at the pictures!


  1. Hey Lins...great to see you looking and sounding so happy. Sorry I won't get to meet your southern gentleman. We won't be able to get to Tom's wedding, but please tell Dorian if he makes you this happy, he's alright by me!
    Aunt Amy

  2. I want to see pictures of the flowers. I have become a flower Whore back here too. Can't walk past any without buying them. Cute man by the way. Have a blast and keep the updates coming. KK

  3. He better be absolutely amazing; you deserve nothing less.