Monday, September 13, 2010

Fairhope, Alabama!!

How could you not LOVE a place named Fairhope!!! And it is located on the lovely Mobile bay, you say?? Well I got to stay and play near Mobile bay!! (OK OK I took that one a little too far...) All I have to say is ADORABLE! Dorian said I would love it, and we are basically the same person so it's true I LOVE IT! They have the cutest downtown filled with wrought iron and neat storefronts even, a miniature french quarter. My absolute favorite part was the Fairhope Windmill Market! They are shooting to be the first LEED certified green building in ALABAMA!! (learn more about LEED here) Coming from CA made me realize that the green revolution is huge in CA but is lacking in many other areas! Which has become an exciting thought for Dorian and I. Stay tuned!

Here is just a little sample of the adorable town of Fairhope!

Check out Fairhope Here!

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  1. Will you move to Fairhope with me? Drop that zero and get with a hero, good lookin'!