Thursday, September 9, 2010

Synchronistic PURPLE!!

I was asked by a dear friend of Dorian's what colors I find myself drawn to. Purple was my answer, along with a few others like lime green and turquoise. But purple has been working it's way into my life recently. I never used to like purple especially pastel purples (which aren't my favorite shades), but recently I've found myself drawn to dark purples, plums, royal violets, any purple that is a cousin of black. Deep and rich.

Now for the exciting part. So one night as I was headed to borrow the local downtown internet in Santa Rosa I had this deep urge to stop at a gas station, my heart began to pick up its pace and the color purple whispered in my head. I really didn't want to stop so I continued downtown. Then after my internet extravaganza as a neared the gas station I could still feel a pull to stop there. So I pulled in.
Dorian and I had taken up buying $3 crossword scratch off tickets not really in the hopes that we would actually win (of course we wanted to win!) but more for the 1 minute of entertainment they provided and which we over dramatized! I entered the store and so as not to look like a compulsive scratch off ticket buyer I instead lurked around the store for 2 minutes before peeking thru the glass counter and seeing a purple striped Bingo scratch-off! That was the one! (I also managed to buy a teal crossword one tee hee)

I then found myself traveling off to see Dorian with my scratch offs in hand. When I finally saw him he had on his purple shirt, and I was wearing my purple tank top! (totally unplanned people we live 2 hours away from each other, and contrary to popular belief we do not plan to match....he barely has a phone to call me!)

So in our usual excessively dramatic way we scratched off the cards. The teal crossword was a bust, and the purple bingo card was looking that way too, until nearly the last scratch! BINGOOOOOOO!!!!! we won $50!! PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE!! Unfortunately I am unable to tell you the story with my eyeballs expanded to maximum proportions, with large and excited gestures... so you will have to imagine... might look something like this though...

Do any of you guys find yourself drawn to colors? Have you ever had an intuitive experience??


  1. Great story Lindsey, I love your blog - I can really catch the excitement! Yes, green is my addiction - Green green everything ..

  2. Is eleven a color? Because I see THAT everywhere.