Saturday, April 2, 2011

Artist Interview Give Away!!

In honor of my first ever artist interview (located here!)  I would just love to give away these two bright springy wallets! WEEEEE! They have just been waiting for a special occasion like this! Thank you so much to Lauren for the wonderful interview questions! I had so much fun, and it also gifted me with much insight, inspiration and reflection. 

The first winner will take home this little gem

 The second winner will get to meet this lovely wallet. (quite gravity defying isn't it?)

Following my blog! (its the button over on the right, that says follow) Make sure to leave a comment that you do! If you are one of my current followers leave me a comment as well. (bloggers love comments!)

Leaving a separate comment about what you would do for a living if you could do anything at all. Really anything! I would love some details too!

The giveaway will conclude on Tuesday April 5th, I will post the winners on Wednesday morning. Using some very random and creative choosing mechanism, of course!

Thank you so much for visiting, and reading and commenting!
❤ Best of luck, and much love! ❤


  1. I'm luvin' your creations and positive thoughts!
    I now follow your wonderful blog site for refreshing inspiration!

    Jan from the Prairies

  2. Well I don't need a wallet, but I figured I leave you a little snippet anyways because I love you :)
    If I could be anything, at this moment (because it changes like tri-anually), I would program video games. Because: I like video games, I like to program, I wouldn't get too bored (i hope), and I could be semi creative without directly using art (because no matter how hard I try I'm just no good). I have to find a job for this summer and if I could get one doing something I enjoyed that would be swell, p.s. Mcdonalds didn't hire me.. I want to work for parks and rec, or gypsy moth trapping, or something else outside.. that would be soooo nice. I don't think my parents would let me grow and sell veggies...

    sorry for the lack of punctuation.. It's the weekend my brain is turned off.

    love your cousinnn

  3. Hi Lindsey! I really enjoyed reading your artist interview, it made me laugh and smile multiple times. You really do have an infectious good vibe surrounding you... Thanks for embracing love and the moment I feel that has a positive effect on those around you. Also you have made some beautiful wallets and aprons, the details you add are one of a kind!
    If I could at this moment have any job, it would be to own a small business, a kind of community center, with gardens and art space, seasonal food, coffee roaster, and used books and music (CDs, Tapes and records, not computer music...) for everyone to share and enjoy. Everyone at this facility can garden and work for food and all would be invited to art sessions with me, where we would make community art and individual expressions, kids and adults. All people who are inspired and or need inspiration would be welcome. I think that would be a pretty cool way to spend my days, but the more rational side of me knows It would not be easy to make money at a business like that and someone has to pay the rent! Anyway this is just one of many dreams I have had, I too don't really know what I want to do as far as a career, but I know I want to be HAPPY! Art is really a comfortable place for me, I am glad we have been able to share art space Lindsey, thanks for shining your light!
    Your Friend,

  4. I just want you to know (and everyone else know) that I LOVE the wallet I bought from you. It is the best wallet I've ever had... seriously. I love the fabric combinations, all the pockets, and the whole design and quality. I have had several compliments on it, one of which was from a young woman who wanted to know where I got it, and she thought it was Volcom brand... :) Anyway, I really loved interviewing you, and I love your wallets, but would love for someone else to win one, since I already have one... :)

  5. Hi Lindsey...I am Lauren and Mairin's sister...and I just followed your blog. Lauren showed me her wallet when she got it and it's really cool. ;o)

    I have been thinking for the past 5 minutes after I wrote that first part about what I would do for a living if I could do anything...and I just can't narrow it down. So that's what I would do, I guess...try tons of different stuff. I think that's the Gemini in me.... I want to hang out at Mairin's community Center too!

  6. Hi Lindsey....I am Nicole Lauren's friend in Australia. I was walking out the door of my office in a HUGE hurry with my laptop all packed away when Lauren reminded me I needed to enter your blog to win one of your cool wallets (that she loves)! So I have unpacked my laptop and walked back into the office to write this!!! I am lucky to say that I am currently working in a job that I absolutely love helping people who really need it - the only tricky thing is I dont get paid - bit of a juggle! I love hanging out with this group of people and introducing them to different healing modalities and different medicine to help them on their journey - it is so inspiring.

  7. I forgot to mention I am following your blog xxx

  8. Hi Lindsey,

    This is Denise. I think I just deserve one of your creations because the only think I have is a piece of pottery. So please pick meeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Love Aunt Denise