Thursday, April 21, 2011

Natalie's custom birthday bag!

 This turned out soo cute! Even after my three attempts at embroidering her name! My beautiful friend Paige requested that I make her daughter a bag for her birthday. She also mentioned that Natalie loved things with her name on it so I had to brush up on my embroidery skills. I made her this little messenger bag! Now I want one! I really love the size its a little shallower than mine which makes it easier to find things, and perfect for a little girl, well not so little I believe she is 10 now!

 Yes! I'm so glad I watched the padded satin stitch videos! This is much more of what I had in mind! The previous two attempts were directly on the blue fabric and it was really hard to see her name, as well as not very cute! This little blanket stitched patch did the trick! All done by hand, which was a really relaxing process.
I saw Natalie after she had received her gift and asked her if she had filled it up with things yet, she responded with "yep, bubble gum!" I love it! Happy Birthday Natalie!!

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  1. The last few bags you've put on your blog are sooo cool. You should make more and put them in your shop!!!! I love them... You're a very talented lady.