Friday, July 22, 2011

The Cascades: Virginia. Trip one. 6/22

My (totally awesome) friend Paige came to visit, she lives nearby in Harrisonburg, VA. Upon her arrival Neville and Michael decided that it would be an excellent day for the crew to take a zero day (in hiker terms a day off so you hike 'zero' miles). Well on our 'zero' day we hiked 2 miles in and 2 miles out in this gorgeous gorge! I managed to leave my nice camera back at the hostel for this adventure....silly me, luckily I still had my phone camera.

We had stopped to get some food in town and the above was the resulting food coma....mmm napping at a waterfall, what could be better? Also noted, apparently we were the crazy people of the woods... everyone who were there when we arrived vacated shortly after we starting jumping in off the rocks! We honestly didn't smell THAT bad!?

Got ya!

Congrats Cascades, Best nap ever list achieved!

Mountain People: Evan, Neville, Michael, Paige and Shad

Professor Evan giving us a lesson on the mushroom "Chicken of the Woods". Hilarous....

Trip to town anyone?

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