Sunday, July 24, 2011

District of Columbia

Ah, the District of Columbia. A place I don't think I would ever choose to vacation to, but my aunt and uncle were going to be there so why not? And to top it off a friend I worked with at Emandal lives there as well! It was a jolly good time, and was also the first time in a long time I was hitting the pubic transit solo, I felt pretty awesome at it. Totally achieved just below pro level, definitely.
Awe, that's nice. Uncle Kelly and Adam
holding hands, how sweet!

They are fond of red circles with lines thru them in DC.
We were entering the grounds of the pentagon.
We weren't allowed to take photos but somehow I'm
positive they were being taken of us.

A recurring theme... 

The 'tube' as the english might say.
Intriguing columns
..... chinatown?
The one chinese looking thing in chinatown...
There are no words for the awesomeness this portrays.
An anti Nuclear weapons display out front of the whitehouse...
The following three photos, I just couldn't help myself. Honestly I'm just really easily entertained, and there was an astounding amount of them....

On the walk back the hotel, I found a little unassuming beauty. Colors of course :)

Christian I hope you had fun!! It was definitely awesome riding
 back from the Jefferson monument!

A lovely trip.

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  1. it's inspiring to see an accidentally beautiful window alongside monuments and pieces of art that took years to plan and build.