Thursday, September 8, 2011

BEEn Busy!

I had a most wonderful weekend at Beaver Creek Reserve during the Midwest Shamanic Gathering. I received healing in many forms over the weekend. And was constantly met with teachings from beautiful people and nature. I even participated in my first sweat lodge which was incredible! We got to sing and dance to Native American Drumming. I even got to play in a drum circle, which was so much fun. Not only were there Native Americans from WI there, but also Shaman from Africa, Laos, and South America.  I feel strong, calm and happy. Very appreciative as well. 
There was talk of the Hopi Prophesy of the Eagle and Condor. Which states something like this, When the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South fly together, the children of Earth are reawakening. 

Love Earth. Love You. Spread Love.
Simply, Love.


I have been receiving lots of love via my Etsy shop! I am so excited that my cuffs went over so well and am excitedly making more! I hope to have some more "Bee Happy" since I have had requests for them after being in my shop for only a night!!

Till then you will have to check out the new Mini wallets. I know...they are no substitute... till next time! 
The first custom order was mailed off today!
Custom order #2

Mini Wallets!

Love to you all! Till next time Bee Happy!


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