Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Journey

June - Clouds

I have decided to embark on a journey of sorts. Mostly inspired by Jim Brandenburg. I received one of his books in college and love the idea behind it.  He took only one picture each day from autumnal equinox to winter solstice. 

For one month I will do something similar but allow myself two pictures, but also I will be only photographing clouds. I will be using my "big" camera a digital SLR (single lens reflex), which makes it a bit more cumbersome to download but the quality is great!

I think I will intend to post just a picture for each day. I have to choose between the two I take.

Clouds remind me of humility, of how small I am and the great expanse of the universe. They are big and open, colorless and colorful when painted by the sun.  Moody and dark, swift and playful.  The bring rain, shade, destruction and sky decoration. They seem so reflective of humans to me. I often stop to gaze upon them and feel centered, connected, in awe.

Won't you join me? Feel free to choose a subject of your own and let me know about it! Maybe not even a subject but a word a feeling anything! Get your cameras ready!

Cloud Lightening
Big North Carolina Sky

Mountains of California
Make sure you let me know, right here on the blog or:

Happy snapping!

xoxo <3


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  1. Love this! :) I will think about it... (I'm so busy L, I better just admire your shots, and participate another time) I have so much going on ;)