Monday, June 4, 2012

Day Four

My heart sings when I see this. Not only for its velvety inky blackness, but the process it took to get it. 

I had just taken my day three picture around 9pm on June 3. I left a friends house at nearly 11pm on that same night and the clouds were steadily marching past the moon. I wanted to break my rules and take a million pictures of it. I waited, less than an hour to midnight.

 I got home ran upstairs and grabbed my sleeping pad, sleeping bag, a note pad, pencil and I managed to find a tripod. I headed outside attempting to be quiet but as usual I only allow myself to take things in ONE trip. The air valve on my sleeping pad knocked loudly on pretty much every doorway I passed through. (ninja skills were not evident this evening)

I made it outside to the driveway, the light was so beautiful, just enough to not want to use a flashlight, but quite enough to write by, eerie and special. I plopped down and began to affix the tripod parts to my camera to get it set for midnight. Raindrops tipped and tapped nearby...shoot... I opened the garage and settled in there to be safe. They were a tease. The following is what happened while I sat in meditation enjoying the moments until midnight.

A cricket...
whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will...
Frogs in surround sound,
a warm breath of wood smoke hovered lazily in the still air
the songs of the night held gently in the stillness.

deep black blue clouds keeping pace, 
steadily marching in front of the moon.
the moon lighting them in a tender radiance
rogue raindrops tapped on metal nearby.
a pair of fireflies danced timidly.

Distant traffic moaning,
a solitary rumble of thunder.


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