Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day Twelve

I lost track of time. 
I got 'volunteer wasted'. 
I helped out at Beaver Creek Reserve, I directed a team of volunteers in planting a strip at the back of the building. I was so glad for their help, it originally had been a task just for me...Would have taken a month of hours! So so grateful for their help. We got it started and finished in 3 hours! Ripped up old weed cloth, laid down new weed cloth, laid pavers, planted and mulched. There had to have been a hundred plants we put in, all natives!
I then moved to my parents house to let my most favorite dog Jack out. Then proceeded to help my mom transplant some herbs and natives for an hour. I hit a wall. She made me food :)
I took off to my next location, Gr and Gr's (Grandma and Grandpa's) They are out of town and my a couple aunts and uncles spearheaded a mission to do some updating. It's kind of a huge project! New carpet, new tile, new It's coming right along, it was great to see all the people getting in each other's way and helping out :)
When I got home at 10 I was empty. It was all I could do to throw myself into my bed.
I gave a lot, and forgot to take care of myself. A good reminder.
This shot was just a few blocks from my Grandparent's place, it was nearby and I could see a little stitch of clouds and the streetlights. 

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