Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a bit-o-art

We went out on a little adventure recently to visit a farm in which we could purchase some delicious cage free eggs. Winford Pond Farm was the place, and heritage chickens, geese and goats where the game! They were wonderful, fluffy little ochins, and beautiful roosters, and ADORABLE Nigerian Dwarf Goats....of which I did not photograph :( We did however stop on the side of the road and I snapped a few shots of this lovely old building. I seem to be attracted to photographing dilapidated things. They turned out beautifully.

Here we have the little Octopus, it's only in the under-painting stage. It will look completely different as a final product.

Just a couple of creative endeavors of late. Made a few aprons too, which may lead to my next post and a new addiction....

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