Thursday, December 30, 2010

the space in the clouds

I have always loved how the rays of the sun can be seen dancing among the spaces in the clouds.

 It's sometimes hard to remember that space is such an important thing. 

 The rays would be invisible if there were no space in the clouds. 


This physical space is just a signpost pointing to the realization that space needs to be made not only in my physical world but more imperatively in my mind. 

 Minds like to hang on to many images, thoughts, clutter of the past and future. 

It's time to make space. 

This space, this openness leads to stillness.

 In this stillness I can FEEL the life around me.

 I can FEEL with my heart. 

There aren't any problems.

 Only moments constantly renewing, never past, never future. 

Life as it is happening.

In the space I've made Love, Compassion, and Joy move through it and it can be shared. 

With you.

with love xo

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