Thursday, December 2, 2010

A 'mini' disaster!

Back a night or two I was gazing out the window and noticed the sky looked a touch peeved, and appeared to be spitting in a misty way like when a two year old sticks their tongue out at you and blows sending a shower of saliva your direction.  Was I going to be able to enjoy a thunderstorm??!! That was one thing I occasionally missed about the mid west while living in California, a good old wind whipping, downpour, lightening cracking good time! (tornadoes, however, were not missed) The thought excited me. But, alas,  the sky seemed like something (or someone?) was coercing it to precipitate. Like a mother hovering, "well c'mon now. Don't just stand there, squeeze out a few drops now. There ya go your doing it, oop well now ya gat to give it a bit more now dear. It just doesn't seem like you're trying very hard. Give it another go now."(spoken in a nice midwestern accent don't ya know!) So I lay back down succumb to the fact that no storm was to happen tonight, only saliva (pthhhht!). 

20 minutes later...

The clouds unzipped, and unleashed all they had! A deluge of rain and whipping winds! Weee! (insert wind and rain noises here)..... for about 25 seconds(wah wahhh). Eh I guess I was wrong, apologies for the underestimation, sky. (not about the thunder and lightening though! ha!) 

Now for the disaster...

A couple weeks ago a lovely little portable greenhouse was set up in our backyard, by the two suburban farmers (Dorian and I...ay thank you!) in the hopes that we could start sprouting seeds come January to set out in the garden. We have also been getting a bit antsy so... we decided to experiment with a few cool weather crop seeds and see what would happen. (maybe they would combine in a strange chemical reaction and form a bucket of ooze that we could play with!) So we set up a flat with a few rows of seeds; spinach, cauliflower and broccoli, we then watered and waited.  Until today. I went out this morning because our backyard faces the west (by west I mean south) and the house acts like a giant reflector, not like the foil kind that you use for sunbathing but a less shiny vinyl one, and toasts up our cement patio quite nicely. And I of course was freezing I can't help it, I'm prone to being a peoplecicle! I didn't find much respite there so I wandered over to our dinky little greenhouse (tee hee greenhouses are warm too!) and came upon the scene of the crime!

My 25 seconds of storm satisfaction delivered us splattered barely-sprouted seedlings, (storms are obviously are not pro-life! humpf!) disheveled shelves, and the pottery that once held my succulents lay shattered; succulents de-potted and strewn about the floor! CRAP! Well, in its defense our greenhouse is made of plastic and aluminum and may double as a kite if taken to the beach on a windy day... We had used some metal stakes and a 40 pound bag of lime to try to hold it down, unfortunately they were a bit ill placed... Oops! 

I shoveled the seedlings and soil back into its home and we hopefully (cross your fingers... seriously look at the thing, it totally has kite tendencies!) found a new more storm-worthy home for our little greenhouse.
The Carnage

I had cleaned it up at this point, I can't lie, the pottery was staged. (Thanks D :)) But my poor succulent 'tree' is sadly leaning against the fan.

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