Wednesday, December 21, 2011

an old poem

I wrote this little treasure around the time I left for California a few years ago and stumbled upon it tonight. I can't say that I have perfect Iambic Pentameter but the feeling is there :)

The hue on my back does not match the rest. 
My wings are cramped,
 grown too large for this nest.
Something's calling me 
among all the noise.
I must follow it now
and find my own voice.

I must use the word "no"
seek balance, and peace
or my very own garden 
 may never grow.

My voice is muddled among all the noise, 
my message was lost
along with my poise.

Goodbyes are sad but full of potential.
I enjoy everyone as I leave for my flight, 
 to answer my call in a new hedgerow.

My colors are changing, 
growing and morphing.
my surroundings are no longer suiting.

Learning and growing,
Planting and sewing.
I plan to be with 
our Mother Nature.

With a wind thru the trees 
and a smile on my face,
I head off on this adventure
to find my own place.

Love and Peace

xoxo L

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