Monday, January 3, 2011

What happens in the greenhouse......

Dorian diligently I run around with my camera and giggle

Yeah, I couldn't come up with a funny mockery of the "What happens in Vegas" tag-line because what happens in our greenhouse is for everyone to see!! 

You wanna know what's inside??? SPROUTS!! AND DORIAN!!! Those tiny plants had a rough start, remember the greenhouse mini disaster!? They took a tumble in a windstorm but they did what seeds do and they grew, we just won’t know what they are until they are bigger. (seeds are so freaking cool....don't even get me started on plants)
We left the little sprouts in the germinating flat a bit too long, but we went on transplanting into the six pack cells so they can stretch those roots out. Most of the sprouts are broccoli or cauliflower and we have about a half dozen spinach that made it.
You may be asking yourself what in the name of the great green earth are you planting seeds in the middle of winter? Eh, I guess you can just chalk it up to an experiment, we wanted to see what would happen and even if it would stay warm enough in our greenhouse. So far it has!
We lost a few when we left them unattended over Christmas (they got crispied) but the others are going strong!

These pictures were taken a couple weeks back on transplanting day. it open it!! 
Hehe, Bella Sue is checking in on Uncle Dorian
to make sure he will come and play soon.
Sproutlings!! Reach for the sky!! or at least your plastic dome!
I am getting so excited to have a big garden in the back yard! Excited doesn't even begin to describe it. It's like when you see a dog that is just SOOOO cute it makes your head want to explode, yeah that excited. 
Online seed stores have been the target of my internetting. Dorian had to rein me in on the flowers (but I still went to another site and went flower gaga and just selected whichever ones tickled my fancy!) Ok, I had to reign myself in a bit too but all together we ordered nearly $200 of seeds! Yayhoo! Check out the final list (plus some that we had from earlier)

Go plant some seeds!!

Leave a comment if you are thinking about starting a garden and let me know what you want to grow!

With love and dirt under my nails!


  1. I would love to plant a garden! But, it's um....January here in WI:) So I'm learning to use a digital camera instead!!!! I had no idea what an aperture was at all - who knew?:) Love and peace and happy seeds to you!

  2. Yeah!! If you have some photo questions I might be a good one to ask!! But its totally garden dream season! I want to try to take more artistic pictures, I feel like i just take snapshots and they need something to make them a bit different. YAY!!!

  3. I tried the poona kheera cucumber last year and LOVED it! good luck!