Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Canoeing Obstical Training Ground...

Sunday was a beautiful day for BOATING!! So that's what we did. We loaded up the canoe and the bicycle and headed over to Rocky Run Creek. I got to do the bike shuttle this time.

Since of course it isn't the brightest idea to take your brand new camera on a water adventure (and yes there was an incident once that involved my mom's camera a canoe and some water) so I drew you pictures. The first image is of an obviously to scale and extremely accurate depiction of Rocky Run Creek (in blue) and the shuttle route (in black). The green 'x' marks the spot where we began and the red 'x' is where we landed. It took me approx. 20 min to bike from the red x to the green to begin our adventure extreme. (I've included a "real" map even though you cant see all the tipped over trees and I beleive my map may actually be slightly more accurate. I was there and paddled it myself)

The next image depicts a scene just 20 yards down stream...yep we could see it but we did it anyway. My first 'canoe over partially submerged log through a bunch of Alder branches' experience. It was sweet, I sat in front and was in charge of being the 'eyes' of the boat to make sure we were in deep enough water and to avoid obstacles. After being attacked by the Alder we made it over, phew! Almost as fun as white water! As we dawdled along the extremely curvy steam (see first image "map") I spied a large roundish brown object entering the stream, immediate thoughts-beaver YES!! I love spotting wildlife!

As we rounded a curve we were surprised by the one and only bridge/tree combo (third image)! We couldn't plow our way over this one so we cleverly hopped out and chucked the boat over the blockage. Ta daa!! So on our way out to the Wisconsin River there were several hundred other tree in the way diversions, we had to get out of the boat 2 more times and carry it across some marshy land before we made our way out of the delta. ( I apologize for the partial swatches pallet in the last depiction, it was in no way along on the trip in the sky, its presence is inaccurate) After our wonderful river challange we ended up at Hooker's for a bite to eat and to listen to some billigerant drunks. The food was great, (cod sandwitch and walleye) the people were obnoxiosly loud and foul mouthed, and the beer tasted swell, a perfect end to a sunny Sunday.


  1. You call that art? Coming from an artist! LOL Sounds like a great time, especially the beer part. KK

  2. lovely little drawings! I can picture you drawing them with your finger in the air!

  3. Give that chick a "A" for this drawing