Monday, March 2, 2009


As some of you may know I have been most pleasantly unemployed (pleasant because I had time to do sewing and loiter at the library) for the last 3 weeks and today I worked a legitimate job and loved it! I was nervous about being called into my first day at a new school as a substitute aide. Basically because I had no idea about all the hairy little details, like how long would it take me to get there, what would I be doing, are the kids going to hate me because I'm not the teacher who is supposed to be there. That said I LOVED IT. The kids were so much fun, I was so glad not to be at home. It really reaffirmed in me that I love working with children and put that combination with teaching them about the outdoors and I think I found my spot!


  1. Yeah!! I am so excited for you!! I still have to work on your letter - life has gotten away from me a bit. Keep sewing and pursuing your passion!!

  2. Love the blog Lindsey. You are just way to creative!