Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I drank tree sap

Yup, it's true, I did it. Drank tree sap. I liked it too! A beautiful thought crossed our minds; the tree sap we were enjoying was a beautiful life force. The tall Sugar Maples had collected this water from the earth and sky and had begun to transfer it to its tallest branches to begin its yearly wakening. I drank the tree's life juice, it tasted strong and cold, with a barely sweet after taste. Humans being humans then boil it into a gooey sugary delightful treat! This one is for my Grandpa Steve, who always was telling us stories about his maple syrup adventures. And yes, I hauled 5 gallon buckets of Sugar Maple tree juice up an abnormally rocky and mossy hillside and I only spilled a little. On my pants and down my sleeve. (no worries, wasn't sticky!) Oh and the sunset! It was a "slam on the breaks and snap" kind of moment high on the bluffs near Happy Hill Dr. Baraboo, WI.


  1. Beautiful sunset. Almost as beautiful as Mexico.

  2. oh yes I can post a comment. It's me Lindsey. Karen

  3. Keep up on the male sprup lindsey Grndpa