Monday, March 2, 2009

Going online??

Get it? Going, on line?? Clever, huh? (holy butterscotch Batman its the Riddler!(ridiculous overuse of the question mark. and a poor joke to go along with it.)) I have been urged by a few people now (MOM! and my lovely friend Sally. (visit her blog here)) to get my sewing projects online to hopefully make a mint? Well, here are a few that are going to be traveling to Eau Claire for a "green" event. These simple bags are reusable grocery totes, or "whatever fits in here when I need it " totes. To make a short story shorter, I love bags and I love the Earth and this is what happened. To date I beleive to have made 34 of these bags some with lovely little liners.. wow 34! That even surprises me! That said I have been selling the unlined bags for $10 each and the lined will go for $12. (there are only 2 in the pictured group, the pretty pink ones in the middle!) Keep watch for some more of my creations!

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